Handing in My Completed Thesis

I never thought I would make it here. Tomorrow is the day that I am going to hand in my completed thesis. To me it isn’t finished. It is 80 pages of hard work that I am proud of. But the novel isn’t finished. I have completed as much as I could within the past two semesters that I have been working on my thesis as a whole. At first the brainstorming process took me longer than I thought. Once I manifested my idea to write a novel the research stage had to begin. Once the research stage was over I had to then start writing. I wrote my first chapter over winter break and I have been painstakingly writing ever since.

I am happy to say that I am handing in what I have so far and I am happy about how far I have come. I do believe that there is much more work to do. This summer will be dedicated to finishing my novel and I will do my best to send it out to get it published. I am really hoping to be able to find a publishing house who would like to publish my novel. I believe it has a strong message and I think the story is compelling enough that people will want to read it. I am just coming to the climax of the story. I have been setting the plot up for the “problem that needs to be solved.” I have become fond of my characters and I want to see good things happen to them but I am still unsure of how to do that in this novel.

My job is to tell a story. My second job is to raise awareness to alcoholism and how they affect families and loved ones. My third job is to entertain the reader and get them to love my characters as much as I do. I hope I have done all of these jobs well.

I’m excited about my project and I am excited about graduation. But just because I am receiving my diploma does not mean that the work ends here. I am going to continue to work on this story and make it the best it can be.

I still really need a title. Any suggestions?


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