Halfway There!

Today I focused on updating the outline for my novel. I wanted to have a reference point while I am writing just to gauge where it is that I want to go. Sometimes when i am focusing on little details in my writing it is hard to remember the big picture and what i want to accomplish. I chose to write my outline by chapters and what I want to accomplish in each chapter. As I started my writing I didn’t have a goal for page numbers or chapters. I wanted to write the story as best as I could and to make the story interesting and compelling and a story that other people will want to read. I am not sure how good I am doing of that but I like what I have written so far and I think that is what is most important.

So I found out that I am about halfway to my goal. When I finished my outline I realized that I framed it out so there will be about 28 chapters. I just started writing chapter 14 today so I guess that would roughly make this my halfway point. I now have a new goal of writing 3/4 of my novel before the due date. Dr. Z told me to shoot for 75 pages but I am at 70 now so my new goal is 100 pages. If I keep up the pace and the page count I should have a finished novel around 150 pages. I feel like this isn’t a lot but then I don’t want to force my story to be longer if it doesn’t need to be.

I also hit 22,000 words. This was an exciting point for me because when I first started I couldn’t even imagine having written 20 thousand words. But now that I am at the point that I am at, I am very happy with what I have accomplished. Thank goodness that it is spring break next week. This way I can get some extra time to write and not focus on other classes and schoolwork.

Happy Spring Break everyone!


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