Wine and Cheese

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Monday, instead of writing I went in to New York City. My boyfriend and I had an invite to a wine tasting at city winery in Manhattan. I have been working hard at school and work and I felt like it was the perfect time to relax. We got dressed up and took the train in and had classic New York bagels for breakfast on the way there.

Once we arrived we realized what we had gotten ourselves in to. My boyfriends friend had RSVPed us for this event. His friend owns a liquor store in Maplewood NJ called Village Wines. Well I didn’t realize that this was a corporate event. We walked in and they asked us who we were there to represent. Right away I knew the deal and we slid easily in to our characters. We acted as co-workers and pretended that we were there doing research to find interesting wines for our shelves at our liquor store. Right away I became entangled in my story telling. I met a French woman from the Burgundy region. She had me sample three of her wines. I told her all about my love of wine and how I enjoyed visiting France recently. Soon enough I realized I was playing a character.

Like all good story tellers I created background information for myself and my boyfriend. We tried wines from different reasons and did our best to ask the right questions. We were given a notebook of prices and contact info for each vineyard or winery. After trying a bottle of red wine that cost $1200 (yes, I was shocked too) we walked over to the cheese platter to talk.

I was enjoying myself so much. My boyfriend asked if I could use this as a story idea and thats when I told him, “everything in life can be a story idea.” But yes, he was right. I could easily right a story about our experience that day and I want to constantly look at things as a story idea or use something from my life as a small detail in a story. Isn’t that what life is about?

As I was stuffing my face with cheddar cheese and water (I was trying not to get drunk at such a professional event) my boyfriend noticed someone. He guy walks over and introduces himself. He is a wine buyer from NJ and plays hockey with my boyfriend. They start chatting and right away I am intrigued. I felt like I had a good amount of knowledge about wine but this guy blew me out of the water. Then he admits that this is his full time job. He goes to tastings all of the time to buy new wines for his chain of stores that he works for. You could just tell that he loves his job.

On the train ride home my mind was running with ideas for stories. It just goes to show that you never know what is going to bring you inspiration. Maybe I should drink wine more often haha.

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